Evening Light

I made my first trip to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset during the late spring. On the second day the weather was stunning and as evening approached I found myself near to Durdle Door. The light was sublime so I set up on the beach, listened to the sea washing over the shingle and made a few images, of which this is one.

This is a processing an experiment; since I started using Raw files I’ve always used Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and been pleased with it. A couple of days ago I read an excellent article on Andy Mumford’s photography blog about his conversion to Nikon’s Capture NX2. I was intrigued with what he wrote and dug out my copy of NX2 to do some experiments. After processing it was converted to a colour image to a monochrome 16-bit TIFF. I do have to say that the conversion is much better than that done by ACR and I shall be playing around a little more with NX2 over the coming days.

One other thing I found when I converted the 16-bit TIFF to mono; Elements 9 (I can’t afford CS2!) doesn’t do 16-bit TIFFS but Silver Efex Pro2 does! Result! The only downside is that when the conversion is complete you don’t have any additional layers and only the background is converted. I can live with that given the result produced here.

For those interested in the conversion, I used the Landscape custom preset, added SFX’s Kodak ISO32 Panatomic X “emulsion”, popped a yellow filter on, “burned” the shadow areas of the rocks by 15% and finally, added a 5% vignette to darken the corners.

You can read Andy Mumford’s blog on NX2 here

Nikon D700, 24-70 Nikkor lens, 1/0.5sec @ ƒ22


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